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Aas der Basis online... _ 2008-07-08 15:26

Aas der Basis Website
Wether you got the joke or not about Aas der Basis... Austria's truly worst/best rapper got his page online. You'll find is latest album, all kind of news, dates and a lot more on his page. It has a pretty nice design so give it a click. Find the website under...


kid003 and kid004 DoubleRelease _ 2007-11-18 15:16

Shower with polarisedkids releases today

kid003 Coverscreen
It's actually done and we're going to celebrate it. On december first the compilation "speak.feed.bleed." (kid003) will be released with twelve tracks from artists around the pol.arise.d.kids network. Tracks from a variety of genres are collected together on this sound carrier to show different aims in music production. Alongside kid003 Aas der Basis releases his EP "Stinkmorcheln" (kid004) which features distinctive hiphop experiments far away from common trails.

Due to these releases the pol.arise.d.kids are gathering for a release party on december first at the Jazzkeller in Krems. Aas der Basis, Nikolas Darius and Lost on Arrival will be performing live together with hardened vj's and dj's from the network. We hope to see you !