Aas der Basis

Aas der Basis
aas der basis (a.k.a. schwäm) bombs the audience with his perverted and abstract form of hip hop. His german lyrics treat his and other people´s neurosis, mushroom picking and very special homeless personalities. He creates pastiches on his everyday life, his sub culture and of course himself. Staccato-raps are getting paired with melancholic singings.

The instrumental substructures, produced in his spartanic bed room studio, reflect his hip hop socialisation of the mid 90ies as well as the influences of the moldy Jazzkeller Krems. As a resident MC and supporter of this club he faced permanent inputs of all kind of genres and art forms. This environment coins his attitude and explains the different sounds and styles, which can be found in his productions. Subtle bits and pieces meat drums, coming out of his MPC and of course some harsh tones, destroyed by various sound-degenerators.

Releases & Projects

V.A. - hitzfrombeyond03 (Net)
* 2008
Stinkmorcheln (EP kid004) * 2007
V.A. - speak.feed.bleed. (Digipack CD - kid003)
* 2007

live & dates

w/Babel Fishh & Ohlson Band, Bizzart / Einbaumöbel - Wien (A) * 13/08/09
w/Ancient Mith / Jazzkeller - Krems (A) * 11/04/09
w/Ancient Mith / Badeschiff - Wien (A) * 10/04/09
parque del sol 08, St. Pölten (A) * 26/07/08
Yum Yum Club, Amstetten (A) * 23/04/08
Arcadium, Graz (A) * 10/04/08
Steinhaus - St. Leonhard (A) * 23/03/08
kid003 + kid004 / Jazzkeller Krems - Krems (A)01/12/07
parque del sol 07 / SKW* - St. Pölten (A)25/07/07
halle9 - Wieselburg (A)11/11/06
Quartier 21 / Museumsquartier - Vienna (A)08/07/06
Donaufestival Clubnacht / Jazzkeller Krems - Krems (A)30/04/06


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