Lost on Arrival

Lost on Arrival
The one doing the unpaid managment work behind this little site. In music related he is well known for countless ideas on how something should sound to get rich and famous. One often favored idea was the techno-hypy-hyphy track named "fucky" with a the vocal line: "fucky, fucky, fucky" appearing straight along the kick line.

Beside of that Lost on Arrivals (a.k.a. Stefan Eipeltauer) music is best described as one with intensive narrative appeal. Musical structures are meshing on a thin line between telling brains that they are falling down a cliff unprotected - leading mental movement to immediate death - or staying with ones ears along the storyline kept warm by phantasy. 

Another pashion of Stefan are his vj-works were he plays with visual projections of abstract organic layers. The video-picture and animations show patterns evolving slowly mostly ignoring the structure of the music they are organised to. Stefan recently stepped away for a little time because he felt the market is floatet now with bad vjs, bad conditions, bad payment and bad behaviour.

Sounds like

Releases & Projects

V.A. - SPEAK. FEED. BLEED. (Digipack CD - kid003), 2007
Early Stages (collected old tracks - netEP), 2007

This here and some others, check dailydrone.org

Gigs & Dates

uncomplete and abandoned list now, sorry back up in some weeks...

kid003 + kid004 / Jazzkeller Krems - Krems (A) * 01/12/07
PADfinder Release Party / Rote Bar - Vienna (A) * 06/10/07
klubVittuci / tüwi - Vienna (A) * 09/11/07
sito bday / Scheibenhof - Krems (A) 27/06/07
parque del sol 07 / SKW* - St. Pölten (A) * 25/07/07
essence07 / angewandte - Vienna (A) * 28/06/07
404festival / fluc - Vienna (A) * 14/06/07
Netlabelnights / Veilchen - Graz (A) * 28/04/07


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