Typhoon Tyler Tyson from Tyler Texas

Typhoon Tyler Tyson
Typhoon Tyler Tyson from Tyler Texas joined the pol.arise.d.kids in it's early stages. His guitar and voice are never getting tired to create epical-sounding tracks and for sure, when there is a guitar involved it's mostly about broken love.

Years before he played together with his mate Christian in the for a certain amount of time incredible Screaming in Silence. A emotionaly very heavy time and so was the music. You can find more about Screaming in Silence by following the link below.

Sounds like

Releases & Projects

Schwein - LP * 03.02.05

Too bad the link is dead.

live & dates

Typhoon Tyler Tyson did not perform ever under this name. Find a list of plenty of old gigs under the "Screaming in Silence"-link above.


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